Body Wipes for Camping

Going camping often means being miles away from the nearest shower. But this doesn’t mean you still have to get into your sleeping bag dirty. Wash up with Paper Shower-Original.

Paper Shower-Original is a unique body wipe system that combines a wet disposable washcloth with a dry towel. The washcloth is saturated with a water-base solution that will leave you clean and ready to be dried off with the added dry towel. What’s more is the water-base solution is low in alcohol and contains an added moisturizer so your skin will not dry out after usage.

Convenient and lightweight packaging means Paper Shower-Original is the perfect body wipe for your next camping trip.



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About two nights into my camping trip the name of this one alone was enough for me to praise it. A shower of any kind? Yes, yes, YES! While no product will ever be as glorious as a real shower, this Paper Shower was definitely better than nothing. Taking a Paper Shower is a two-part process. After securing a secluded place in the woods, you get half-naked and wipe yourself down with the moist towelette. For me, it was amazing/gross to see just how dirty I was after two nights in the backcountry. Next, you dry that moistness off with the dry towelette. See rest of review HERE

Jenn of

“These came in very handy while camping. I was at Floyd fest this year and did not feel like waiting in the long lines for the showers and in between sets that we wanted to see these came in great for a quick refresher so that we didn’t stink like the hippies we were partyin’ with :) i also use them at work. I work in a gym and teach several classes a day and do not have time to shower after each one so they come in very handy.”

Melanie Turner
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