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Paper Shower ® offers the ultimate large body wipe with its unique combination of wet and dry towelettes.

Paper Shower – Original (Wet and Dry Towelette) Paper Shower – Fresh (Wet and Dry Towelette)
paper shower disposable washcloth post work out body wipe
Need to freshen up but don’t have access to soap and water? Paper Shower-Original has a disposable wet towel with an added dry towel. Get clean, dry and on with your day. Worked up a sweat? Paper Shower – Fresh combines a large body wipe, specially formulated to remove sweat, and a dry towel. Perfect as a post workout cleansing wipe.
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Paper Shower – Original  (Wet Towelette Only) Paper Shower – Fresh  (Wet Towelette Only)
individual-body-wipes-original individual body wipes
Like our Paper Shower- Original wet towelette, but don’t need the added dry towel? This large body wipe is for you! Not sure you need the dry towelette included with Paper Shower-Fresh? Try our individually wrapped wet towelette only large body wipes!
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Paper Shower – Alcohol Free (Wet Towelette Only) Paper Shower- Alcohol Free (Wet and Dry Towlettes) NEW!
canister-larger-body-wipes ps-alcohol-free
Alcohol free body wipes in the convenience of a canister. Great for on the go or in the car. A great way to freshen up when soap and water are not available. The wet towelette is alcohol free.
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Paper Bidet (pronounced: “ba-day”)- Flushable (Wet Towelette Only) New!
Designed to provide you with a more comfortable and effective way to wipe when dry toilet paper just doesn’t do it for you!
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The Perfect Body Wipe for on the Go

Paper Shower’s combination of wet and dry body wipes are ideal for




Our super large wet towelettes are saturated with a specially formulated water-base solution to clean and moisturize your entire body. Their low alcohol content along with the added moisturizer means your skin will not dry out after usage.


Our body wipe is teamed with an extra large dry towelette. Soft and durable, it will absorb any excess water, dirt and sweat from your skin.


You will be left feeling clean and fresh. Paper Shower body wipes are a great alternative when taking a shower is not an option.

Paper Shower vs Wet Wipes

How do Paper Shower body wipes stack up against traditional wet wipes? Click to see if a wet wipe can compete!

Paper Shower body wipes in the news
Paper Shower body wipes in the news
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